I bought this Cimar guitar from a charity shop today for £4.99, mainly out of sympathy for it! It's currently stringless but the electronics are present, albeit rather loose and in need of some repair. I've done a bit of research and know a bit about the manufacturers, but not much about this particular model. Any information would be greatly appreciated

it looks pretty neat. is the trem a real bigsby? cuz thats some added value there. I would definitely try to fix it up. Even if its not real playable, it still looks really nice. Theres a little bit about them if you google it, but it seems like they are affiliated with Ibanez
Thanks for replying

The thing is, I'm not primarily a guitarist so my knowledge of the parts and about fixing it up is somewhat limited... luckily, as a music student, I have several friends who'd love a project like this

Apparently, the Cimar line was made by Cimar for Hoshini Gakki, owner of the Ibanez brand, which is why they're associated with Ibanez - but they weren't actually produced by Ibanez.

I would love to know how old my new purchase is!
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