ok.. sounds just like every other "deathcore" song. maybe a few more breakdowns would make it true to the absolute "deathcore" formula
This is my first attempt at writing in over 3 months so its not going to be amazing...
6 string bass =]
Okay here we go.

I have just listened to it and now I'll begin to write the review as I listen for a second time.

I like the 'straight into it' feel of the song, Great intro. I think the riffs are alright but a bit general, but reminded me of The Faceless none the less.

I definitely like the bass, I find it awesome how it goes from simple gallops/straight 16 rhythms to off-beat stuff. I also loved the Tempo changes in the drums, very much in the vein of The Faceless so thumbs up. Again the riffs are starting to get old here but I like the variety every few riffs so I won't complain.

I think this song would do very well as a band-driven song, vocals would definitely pull the song along IMO.

Awesome outro I think it was very original and odd sounding.

This definitely doesn't sound like typical deathcore to my ears but every man to himself I guess.

8/10, you might get a 9.5 if you spice it up but I think it should do just fine as is
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