I got my brother a 21 fret squier for his bday, and I'm thinking of modding it slightly for him: new pick ups and a 22 fret neck. but would a 22 fret neck be too long for a guitar thats been made with a 21 fret neck? I know a 24 would be, but have never encountered this problem before: usually play les pauls that come with 22 frets :P
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Its not done on the amount of frets - its the scale length that counts. If the distance to ht e12th fret is the same and it bolts on in h the same way then its good.

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My squier has a 21 fret neck, and it ends right where the pickups and neck pup cavity begin, so if you wanted to replace it with a 22 fret neck, you'd have to move the neck pickup cavity back a little, and cut a bit off of the pickguard where it meets the neck, to allow the extra fret to fit.

Not worth all the effort in my opinion, maybe just replace the pickups. But if you think its worth the effort for the extra fret, by all means go for it
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