Hi, i have a Ramirez acoustic guitar but i'm unsure of it's model name or value, on the sticker it says:

Instrumentos Para Rondalla concepcion Jeronima No5 Madrid 227-99-35.

It does have some discolouration to the top of the body as in pic, it was like that when i received it so unsure of how it happened but everything else is ok and it does sound great. It was given to me by someone who did not want it..lucky me.. i'm into electric mainly not acoustic guitars but i have heard of the name Ramirez and i was wanting to repair it and have been trying to get some idea of repair costs and model/value pre+post repair but have had little luck would anyone be able to shed some light...any help appreciated.
I don't think you have unearthed golden egg with this one. It is likely an early low cost student model of some sort, certainly not a concert model.