So I'm a big fan of In Flames except I can never understand what anders friden is trying to get across through his lyrics. Like in "Only for the Weak" I have no idea what he's singing about.
Any ideas, opinions, takes on it, please post all.
My opinion is that it's about the bad side of hard drugs and/or alcohol.
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As someone who's never heard the song id have to say that the person he is singing about is actually the personification of a substance or substance abuse itself. So "she" is actually drugs/alcohol. And the infection is drugs aswell and he's saying sell me the drugs theyre only for the weak (him). He's saying he's addicted and he's weak and he's accepted his miserable state but he doesnt mention any attempt to change.

My two cents its really open to interpretation though
That's basically what I had figured, but you explained and elaborated on it while at the same time using big words, i tip my hat to you sir