I recently got a Fender Blues Jr. I bought it on ebay as a low wattage alternative to a 60 watt 1/2 stack. I checked into the amp online; user reviews, ect. before I bought it (looked like just what I needed). I have not been able to get a great sound out of this thing as advertised (no problems with the amp). I have a Strat, Explorer, Tele and Charvel M5. Does anyone who loves this amp have any suggestions; pedals ?, better clean ?, better dirty ?, cranked ? Maybe I just dont like the tone ??? I play all different types of music and have a good selection of pedals so I should be able to find something that I like about this thing. If you have any tips or suggestions I would appreciate it!
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I borrow one from a friend pretty often when I need more wattage. The thing about the BJ is it's clean tone. You need pedals. It's a great base for any number of addon's including POD's GT's and the like, but you get a decent OD and you can make that thing rock. My SuperPlextortion really turns that thing into a killer amp. Wampler just put out a Triple Rec pedal i'm thinking about getting. Should be outstanding with a BJ.
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do you have the regular blues jr or the tweed covered one?

Black tolex with the newer circuit board.
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