i just bought all the components i need to drop a tube effects loop in my ceriatone DC30. it uses daul TRS for a ch1/ch2 unbuffered loop. i've yet to have a good result from this loop so i want to replace it with a shared tube buffered effects loop.

i am a little confused as to how i'd rewire this into the phase inverter. like many others, phase inverters just plain confuse me, i understand the principal, but not the mechanics behind it all.

here is the poweramp schematic to the DC30 w/PI:

ch1 and ch2 preamps are completely independant. what gets me is that if i tied them together at the input of the effects loop, how would i reconect them to the PI? would i just split the output and run to both the ch1&ch2 inputs of the PI regardless, or would i need to rewrite this circuit entirely?
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