You sound like a very talented musician and the arrangements flow nicely, but to be honest it seems like an emo-ish tune without much strength. I say it doesn't have strength because the chord progression, (VI, IV, I, V?) basically repeats over and over again and it gets boring. It is saved by the nice instrumental work done so maybe just try to branch out musically a bit. I love the sound you're getting out of that guitar solo at the end.

Nice sound, but the song sounds like something my sister would listen to.

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Well finally something different than all the #subgenre#-metal songs over here . I think it's very nice, you seem like a good musician and a good singer. Calm, chilling, can't really think of any negatives, although the mixing could be done better. This would be an instant hit on a radio. Can't really think of anything else, other than wish you a good luck in your future projects.

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i really loved the arrangement, if you did all the instruments mucho kudos to you. The vocals were well done as well as the recording quality. care to crit mine on my profile?
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This sound like a mainstream artist work... ahaha... nice mix dude... The musical arrangement is very good.. I think its fit with the song and ur vocal....