Hey guys, I am looking into getting a new tube head for my amp and I was checking out an Orange Tiny Terror. I currently have a Marshall MG100HDFX which is a 100 watt solid state but it isn't really what I want. My big question is how loud is this Tiny Terror. From what I hear, it has the tone I'm looking for but I'm not sure it has the volume. I play in a 4 piece band so I need to know if this lil guy will be able to keep up at practices or gigs without any help.
Any help is much appreciated.
15 watt's is loud, but without micing it I don't think it will hold up to a drummer or gigs.
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it should be able to keep up with a drummer, but you'd probably want to mic it for a medium-sized gig.
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look at the Dual Terror 30 watts same channel at the TT plus a Fat channel it would work for you