What scales do metalcore bands like Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, etc, use? I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I have to leave, so thanks in advance guys!
(C) minor alot probably.
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C because you tune the guitar in a drop C
try with Cminor o major or C harmonic minor

but pleeeeeease pleaaaaaase dont use pentatonics
To make a really broad sweeping generalization, most metalcore uses harmonic minor.
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There is no set scale-to-genre thing. If you want a really smart assed answer, everything anyone plays is derivative of the chromatic scale, so learn that.

Really, though, most genres derive their sound not from scales, but from phrasing. You can write symphonies in harmonic minor (a nice bit of Mozart's 25th at the end is a great example) and you can write death metal in major keys (I believe part of the song Savior to None...Failure to All by Vital Remains is in a major key, about halfway through).

Thus, to sound metalcore, use drop tunings (drop D and drop C are the most common). Use the low string as a pedal note (research this; I don't have the time to explain thoroughly). Have catchy melodies over powerchords in either your chorus or over the main riff. Throw in breakdown and (optional) a solo and you're good.