Hopefully this hasn't already been done (in recent memory). I did a search and got nothin', so here goes.

What are your favorite live Metal DVDs/VHS tapes, or which ones were rather disappointing? Also, why are they your favorite/good/mediocre/complete crap?

I'll kick out a few...

"Live Retaliation" - Enslaved
Good sound, good band, good picture. They don't really move much on stage, but their headbanging makes up for it. Not any extras worth a crap, as far as I can remember.

"Wrath of the Norseman" - Amon Amarth
Three discs of Amon Amarth is a bit much, but for the price it's damn good. I just can't sit through much of their stuff that long, because they do tend to get boring. Still, a great DVD and a great bargain.

"Alive in Athens" - Iced Earth
My favorite live DVD ever. The band's pretty much flawless, and the only song they didn't play that I wanted to hear was "Damien". A crap-ton of songs, too. The only thing it's lacking is decent extras.

"The Perilous Fight" - Hate Eternal
The live performance on this one's pretty damn good, even without Roddy. Plus, there's actually extras that are worth a damn including a tour of Mana Studios.

"Monolith of Death" - Cannibal Corpse
I've got the VHS version, so I'm not sure if the DVD version has extra stuff on it. It's a great DVD, but from what I recall there was little to no Barnes footage on there...so for Cannibal Corpse I prefer their Moscow performance (Eats Moscow Alive) with Barnes that comes with one of their albums...can't remember which. Monolith of Death does have a lot of shows from a lot of different places, varying in quality, so it's cool for Corpsegrinder fans...I'm just not one of them.
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The SYL one is fucking class. Overdubbed to hell but a damn good performance nonetheless.
Heaven And Hell - Live at Radio City Music Hall
I like it because Ronnie James Dio is in it, and Dio rules, plus a lot of "Mob Rules" songs, like Voodoo and Falling Of The Edge Of The World.
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I've always enjoyed Lamb of God's 'Killadelphia'. The setlist is great, for the most part, and it shows things that probably happen very often within bands, but which we as fans really don't see.
Sepultura's Live in Barcelona is one that always comes to mind. Immense performance, them at their peak.

I also love the spectacle that is Dream Theater's 'Score' too, 6DoiT in it's entirety with an orchestra? Yes please.

Also, Devin Townsend's Safe Zone DVD never gets old for me either, just an amazing performance, the Dev in his musical element. I can't wait to see him at Bloodstock.
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Rammstein's Live Aus Berlin
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I enjoyed DT's Score as well. I couldn't give half a rats ass about DT anymore, but watching the DVD is a different thing. It takes me back to a time when I did give a few rats' arses.

Cannibal Corpse - Centuries of Torment. Great documentary. Good interviews, great idea of the early death metal scene and its history, the figures, the attitude behind the music, great extras. Unfortunately, the live shows have pathetic quality and are not DVD worthy. That said, this was a great buy for the other stuff.

Opeth - Lamentations. Great sound. I don't really care about Opeth anymore, but it's a nice one to pop in for the sake of old times. I spent many a days watching this one with friends getting very tipsy and headbanging through it.

Everything else I have is quite boring. One of Slayer's DVDs where they perform Reign in Blood. G3 with Petrucci. Skinless's Skinflick. I really need new DVDs.
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Venom - Live in London is quite good.

Though Live Shit is a classic. A great and entertaining dvd.
Black Sabbath - Last Supper
Heaven and Hell - Live at Radio City Hall
Blind Guardian - Imaginations Through the Looking Glass (my favorite of all time)
Iced Earth - Alive in Athens
Opeth - Lamentations
Opeth - The Roundhouse Tapes
Dream Theater - Score
Dream Theater - Live in Budokan
Isis - Clearing the Eye
Therion - Celebrators of Becoming (HOLY FUCK is this DVD set worth every penny)
Tyr - Bonus DVD from Land. One of the best Tyr concerts ever.
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Blind Guardian - Imaginations Through the Looking Glass - amazing performance, great setlist, good special features and bonus songs
Firewind - Live Premonition - great performance although Apollo's didn't match the rest of the band's, and Gus G's solo tone had a tad much reverb, but overall very good
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Every set off the Sodom dvd is killer, same with Destruction's.
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BTBAM's Colors Live.
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