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So far where I live we have gotten almost a foot of snow so far since this morning and we are supposed to get another 3in every hour to like 7pm tomorrow...

Has anyone else had some ridiculous snowfall this year or in the past?

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No, I live in the sun though.
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I got about 2 feet last night. It's crazy for southwestern VA.
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Englands been seeing a fair bit of snow in the past couple of days.. Even knocked out the power for a couple of hours
There has been about 1/2 a cm here

Its generally just cold and horrible outside
Do you live in Virginia by any chance? Because my dad lives there and they got hammered with snow since yesterday night.

And I'm from Vermont, so we always have ridiculous snowfalls. I remember the blizzard of '07 we got 4 feet in under two days.
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Here we get as much as 4 feet snow at places every year.
We have about a foot on the ground now.

It snowed all through the night.
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We've got a little over a foot here, and its still coming down very hard. Its also very windy so there are big snow drifts everywhere. (I threw my gf in one when we were outside and she just disappeared into it. lol shes fine though)
Do you happen to live in NJ, ts?

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Here, there's like a foot of snow.

I mean, it never snows here in NC!

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I had 8 inches last night.

That's what SHE said *badum tsch*
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like 25-30cm of snow here.
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It's because Lancaster county is garbage

But I got off work 4 hours early, so I'm not complaining.
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No, I live in the sun though.

You should move to a sunspot area. I hear it gets 0.0000001 cm of snow each year!

Just don't bring anything magnetic down there. I used to have a watch... till the watch got ripped off my wrist. along with my hand.

sounds like winter to me.

It's hilarious watching americans freak out over this. It's even on CNN for christ's sake. Drama drama drama.
Norn Iron has only got a tiny amount of snow. Curse you North Atlantic Drift!
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Do you happen to live in NJ, ts?

no i live in PA

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Where i live in England we got half a centimetre. Over 3 days.

Yay for being between the Pennines and Welsh mountains.
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Here in cold, dark Norway it's been snowing all day... It's insane how much snow here is.
And if you're wondering: NO. There is NO polarbears walking around in our streets... Jeez, learn some geography dudes. Or at least, look up polarbears on Wikipedia.
Here in MD, we got a foot so far. I think another foot is expected.

Too bad it messed up all my weekend plans.
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That's what SHE said *badum tsch*

Damn I was gonna say that.
KeepOnRotting : "We Canadians laugh at your feeble snowfalls". I would rather be down here with people freaking out over a foot of snow, then living up there wheres theres always like 12 feet of snow on the ground

Edit: ^ guy above me I'm in MD also, what part of the state do you live in?
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Here in cold, dark Norway it's been snowing all day... It's insane how much snow here is.
And if you're wondering: NO. There is NO polarbears walking around in our streets... Jeez, learn some geography dudes. Or at least, look up polarbears on Wikipedia.

Hello fellow norwegian!
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Damn I was gonna say that.

Obvious joke is obvious. There's a video on Youtube where a weathergirls says,"I was in Colorado and I got 8 inches last night.
We had freezing rain + drifting snow a couple weeks ago. It shut down pretty much the entire city. In some parts peoples cars were completely buried in snow.

All of last week we had temperatures in the -30C range with windchills of -40C. This week we have a Chinook going on so it's around 0C

Yet I see threads about snow in the U.K. and shutting down schools at the slightest flake of snow where here it has to be -40C without windchill for schools to close.
It's snowing here. There's like 5 or so inches on the ground and it's not supposed to stop until tomorrow night.
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I love how elsewhere in the world a foot of snow doesn't cause too many problems whereas in the UK 1cm of snow and there is coas on the roads. I only have about an inch of snow where i live
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like 4 or 5 inches in southern ohio
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There has been almost no snow here at university of michigan all winter, but there is supposed to be a huge storm here in the next few days.

...Right when I have to drive home
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