Want to play your 15 practice amp anywhere AC socket or not?

Get a computer battery backup UPS for about $20. Which produces 120AC from a 12V battery. Keeps a 100W computer running on battery for 10 minutes = about 45 minutes of Amp. You can always swap out a bigger battery or run multiple batteries in parallel.

For 9V powered mini amps get a 9.6 V NimH battery pack for R/C toys. They sell for $10-$20 on the low end including charger and are rate about 1200mAh or double your most expensive alkaline battery. At the high end, you can get rated 4000 mAh or more.
Also power pedals and other 9V stuff. May have to do some rewiring of the power circuits but it is fairly simple.

With a lifetime of about 1000 charges, you save a lot on 9V disposable batteries in the long run.

Yes I have done both and they work better than I expected...
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May have to do some rewiring of the power circuits...

anything complicated? or is it just simple . . .

i wouldn't want to have to rewire a bunch of pedals to make this work, although it sounds like a pretty good idea, especially since i'm assuming they'll last longer than regular batteries?
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Very simple. Either get a jack that fits the adaptor on the pedal or get a 9V battery socket terminal from Radio Shack, And make an octopus cable bunch (each in parallel with the battery source) and run to each pedal adapter socket or fasten the two battery terminals together.

Be sure you have a voltmeter so everything is wired with the + and - correctly.

A typical 9V alkaline is rated about 500 mAh
So a 1600 mAh NiMH should easily run 3 pedals and more like 6.

Depending on pedal (most have DC adaptor socket) connect octopus cable to all pedals and so forth.

Feel free to drop me a life if you have any questions. I have some pics and video of stuff somewhere.

a cheap UPS is gonna be noisy as all hell due to the low-quality inverter circuit. how much life do you get from one though? I know you can get about 5 minutes from a desktop computer, but they draw alot of juice.

Like my frontman 25r uses 75W of power, so that's 625mA. How long would that last with a UPS?