Does anyone know how the Crush series by Orange takes pedals? I have the 10watt version for home and its not the best distortion for the sound i want. I already have a pedal in mind but i dont want to get it and then the amp make it sound like crap ya'know?

So any advice is good advice for me right now. Thanks in advanced.

Honestly, I think you'll be better off saving up for a better amp. The Crush series aren't too good.
+1 I hate the crush series. But it should take pedals just fine
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im selling my line 6 for a new amp and stuff but the only thing is that for when my parents complain about the sound volume i want to be able to like the sound i get from my orange
Odds are you won't be satisfied with the results of a Crush with a pedal. They are cheap for a reason.
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