This has to be the sexiest I've seen. Just as well I don't have the money or I might break my pledge.


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Nice touch on the Wanker inlay. I think the gold pickguard looks a bit tacky though.
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wow... that is really beautiful. all the guitars on that site were (loved the Reverend's hollowbody)
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Of all the strats you could love you thinks this looks good. Does it say wanker on the 12th fret? Who would get this?
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Eh this looks pretty gaudy in my opinion... I prefer the maple necks on strats too
Does TC Ellis pay you or something?

I think that guitar looks shit btw.
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Its nice but I hate notorhead (idk if phil cambell is the guitarist or not lol)

But pretty cool geetar

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I don't like the Scratch plate, or the look of the EMG's in it. I however do like the inlays.
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I hate strats too and this guitar really doesn't help me like them either. It's too tacky like someone else stated in a previous post.

I do like the inlays though.

I like the offset between the pickguard/EMGs/white body, I do not, however, like the headstock, inlays, or that thing in place of the volume knob.