Well I was just looking around for some Telecasters on Kijiji and I found this. It doesnt look bad at all, I would definitely swap out the pickguard but otherwise it looks nice, but it is only $250. Most of the other Tele's are over $800 and this one is randomly $250. Do you think this is legit?
250 for a mexi tele aint half bad. I would ask for a better picof the serial and run it.
I think it looks legit, no idea why you would want to swap the pickguard though, that one is AWESOME!
It's got a fender neck, the decal looks fine, the serial number checks out, and nobody's going to put a squier body on a MIM neck and then go to all the trouble of putting all that bling on there.

Seems like a good deal (except for the ugly part, but maybe that's just me).