Hello all..
Please help me with modes..
I Know how to build any modes(ionian,dorian,phrygian..) and dont know how to hear color of the mode...
I only heared on phrygian mode..(this mode have mysteriously,darkly sound)..
How to hear other modes?
Search the lessons. There is a great, long explanation of all the modes and how they are constructed
Ionian's just like Major
Dorian's a minor with a raised sixth, pretty jazzy minor mode
Phrygian's a minor with a flat second, really egyptian-like minor mode
Lydian's a major with a raised fourth, jazzy sounding major mode
Myxolydian's a major with a flat seventh, jazzy/bluesy sounding major mode
Aeolian's just like Minor
Locrian's a minor with a flat second and fifth, really dissonant and wierd sounding diminished mode
Wrong forum. This belongs in Musician Talk. But I'll answer your question anyway.

First of all, do you know the major scale, and do you know it in and out?

If you don't, avoid modes until you do. You won't understand them at all until you understand the major scale fully.
Only play what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play anything.
-Chick Corea
yes..i know major\minor scales...how builds..what colors of this scales...)
In videos\sounds i know what mode played..i don't know how build licks with mode...
On Phrygian i only heared darkest color...How to get the Egypt-like sound from Phrygian mode?( how to build...licks...