Pit, what are your favourite flash games, that are really fun? Because I'm quite bored and need something to do..
www.miniclip.com should keep you occupied for about.... 5 minutes.
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pretend its a woman
i have no helpful advice

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The pit.

or world's hardest games on addicting games . net or something , can't find a definitive link
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Should point out that Doctor Rock has a point, by the way - we do have some of the biggest nutters (usually in a funny way) in the country.

Londons Burning!
Which is the game where you've got to fly arrows and burst baloons? (Not bloons)
Arcuz, proper Alundra style flash RPG. It's pretty awesome
I like to leave the teabag in

Shave The Hairy Pineapple

Irish. No, the real kind of Irish

I played crush the castle quite a lot, I just sit on the level maker trying to make something unbeatable