This damn problem has murdered almost all of my hobbies.

I can't use my left hand's index finger. I can't say what started this, either my bad technique when i was learning my acoustic guitar, typing rsi (I'm a programmer), or my 3-day a week weight lifting.

Either way I'm freakin sick of this. Every time I practice, i get a new damn problem causing me not to be able to. I compensate by using my other fingers which all pick up the slack. I type without my index, play some chords without it (ie my G is usually a G5, E major is with ring middle & pinky, etc). Thus now my other fingers are slowly getting messed up.

The other day, I play my electric guitar for 3 hours in one day, miraculously my index is holding up and there's no pain, even during the usually painful parts where I barre past the 12th. I put it down and I knew I'd be pushing it if I pick it up later, but I do, and proceed to play lots of bends. So I wear out my bending finger. Next day I wake up and it feels a "little" sore, go to the gym and lift weights. Sure enough my wussy ass finger gets tired before my arms, and my other three fingers take the slack. Result: now my RING finger has been numb for three days straight. I just want to ****ing play. I'm about to quit working out over this.

Something has to give. How the hell am I gonna get better if I keep having to take time off??? i'd go to a doctor but I'm currently without health care and nobody will cover me because of one little finger.
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Stop using that hand for a long time. It won't ever get better if you keep straining it
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weight lifting it really kinda paralyzed my hands well mostly limiting the motion of my fingers but it becomes fully functional after a few days..talk to a trainer to make sure your form is right..do some warm up exercises
good luck
You're not alone in this. I deal with this too. I worked as electrician for a couple of years and the repetitive motion that I had to do resulted in some numbness in both of my hands. I haven't done that work in over a year but there are still times when I can't play or have difficulty playing because of it.

My suggestion is that you go to a chiropractor - cheaper than a doctor. They may determine that the problem may not even be in your hand but in your shoulders or even your spine. Try doing isometric exercises to loosen up your hands before you start playing too.
this is a guitar forum not a medical forum, go and see a doctor as they are the only ones who can give you the correct advice
You must have pretty bad technique. I have had some troubles with pain in my wrist, which then caused pain in my elbow and now my shoulder. Take a break for a good month or so man. I know it sucks, but you must have really messed up your nerves. When you get back to it, I suggest you try fixing your technique. You must be relaxed at all times, as soon as you start feeling stress in your muscles, stop. Use a strap, even when sitting, so that you never need to lift the guitar while playing. This has helped me loads.
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I lift 5 days a week (Monday through Thursday mandatory football weights and Friday optional weights) It ****s up my left wrist, really bad, particularly if I just did Power Cleans that day, but Ive never had problems with my fingers.
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Might be carpal tunnel syndrome.

do you actually know what CPS is or is it just your generic answer.........
Theres probably more to your problem than just lifting. I lift 3x week and play maybe 2-3 hours a day and my fingers never really give me problems. Good technique will prevent cramping, but also I usually just pause for a couple mins every like 20 mins, go a get a drink or whatever, just to give my hands some time to relax