Title pretty much says it, I want to start playing bass and I need some decent starter gear.. I've been looking at Ibanez but thats about it so far... looking to spend less than $400 on the bass and an amp (just need a decent sounding practice amp)

Also, can I get a five string bass in this price range? I'm a guitar player and I feel like I would get confused with only 4 strings haha.

Any suggestions and wisdom on the topic would be greatly appreciated.
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As for the starter bass, an Ibanez GSR200 is great. Check out the Squire Vintage Modified series too. Good amps to check out would be the Peavey MAX series, the Acoustic B10 or B20, and the Kustom KBA10.

As for strings, the 5th string is for greater range, and economy of motion, its not harder to learn on a 5 string then a 4 string but you do have to deal with the wider neck on a 5-er. Having a 5th string isn't going to make it any less confusing, nor will it make it more similar to guitar.
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Tostitos covered what I was gonna say pretty well. A 5 string bass is less similar to guitar, because the lowest string on a 5 string is a B, in case you didn't know.