Hi....After singing in bands ect for over 20 yrs...I did a night class learning Music Theory....went onto Keyboard ( didn't really GET IT....) if you know what i mean....then bored one day picked up my daughters cheap nylon string acoustic and haven't looked back...I got the BUG...Was hooked immediately and felt like i was home ...sound OTT but that's how it was...I got a decent Elec-Acoustic and Amp and started playing since then went onto Electric and do a night class.....with a guitar tutor...Only been 6 months but i feel i have come along way.... Had to teach myself to sing whilst playing tho...lol that was difficult...I do alot of KT Tunstall stuff...loop ect...got a harmony G...( not impressed lol

Well reason i am here is to ask it it normal to be so engrossed and content that i have almost become a recluse!!!! I have a music room...I record alot and spend many many many happy hours there...no-one gets fed..no washing gets done and i have no friends left ha ha....Is this Normal...do all musicians go through this lol....Just wondered at 45 i feel a bit naughty lol...

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Yeah, its totally normal to get engrossed like the way you are, most people on this site have been like that at some point

Just try not to let it take over your life . As for UG, like TheSecondRaid said above me, try to avoid the elipses (....) as best you can, they make posts difficult to read for some. Instead stick to commas, and paragraphs.

Try lurking in this forum, particularly this thread for a while, just to get an idea on how things work

Welcome to UG