Hello my friends of UG! Today was a good day as I have purchased a new pedal from my great friends over at Mr. Music in Allston, MA. They cut me a nice deal on this one and I'm incredibly happy with it.

so we've got something from EWS? The sister company of Xotic. Must be something cool inside.

A fuzzy drive? what's this? And it's #321? that's cool

Ooo shiny!

You and me are gonna have a little alone time

I'd love to make some sound clips for you all but I don't have a recording microphone but here are some video reviews of the pedal
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happy new pedal day
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Sound's Cool Congratz!!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
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Cool never heard of the brand, which is usually a good thing

after looking at their website, this is their first real pedal. It's a real cool mix between an overdrive and a fuzz, kinda like the fulltone catalyst. Although I have found this pedal to be a little more usable than the catalyst, and definitely sweeter sounding as well. No matter what the settings, the sound from this thing is always rich and beefy
I really wanna get my hands on one of those to play around with. The video reviews make it sound very promising.

HNPD indeed!
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oh man that's some sick sound lol. real nice sound haha. what's the pedal based on?
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oh man that's some sick sound lol. real nice sound haha. what's the pedal based on?

I'm not sure if it's a clone of something, but Allen Hinds claims it has some similarities to the old vox tonebenders. The cool thing about these pedals is that you can get some nice light overdrive or fullout fuzzy-drive. One of the things I was thinking of when I first played it was Eric Clapton's sound on his Cream and Blind Faith albums, but with more aggression. It could be that I'm still in the honeymoon period with this baby, but I highly recommend this pedal.