I don't know what to title this song, but that's not what this is for. I wanna know what ya'll think of this song I wrote about an hour ago. It's not completely done, but I'm close And yes, it's a metal/screaming song.

Intro (Spoken)

This venom
eating me alive
Won't cease to the healing touch
cuz the doctor's a lie
the doctor's a..



Ailments abound
Coursing through my veins
and you just sit there and laugh

Watching as systems fail
tonight by the bedside
in your loving hands
and it's all just a lie


The feeling of regret
taunted by mishap
dies away
poison stays

And tonight my only friend
is the beast growing inside me
failures tattered
on my sleeve again


the ghost fades away in the wind
Silence envelopes
the comatose friend

I've yet to finish it but wanted to know what everyone thought. I know it's not the best, but I thought it was good. And it looks weird but I know how it would sound in my head, so it works the way it is writen
That was my first thought, but I like the titles of my songs to be something a listener won't really expect.
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so lame, I for some reason hate when artists name a song about something said in the verse. As standard, it would be in the chorus, if it was in the bridge it might be a little cheesy.

I say the best is name it off of something in the chorus, b/c otherwise it would be hard for listeners to remember the name of the song, but to make it unique at the same time, make it something IMPLIED by the chorus but not actually said in it.

I say don't name it over something in the bridge b/c again, it will be harder to remember, and if the bridge is the main highlight of the song, naming it off of a word in the bridge would be lame since you would give away what your bridge was going to say before it even came.
Name it something so random. When i see a song named somethign dumb and just out there i have to listen to it.
tonight, the lies
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