I need a new amp as you can see from my crappy Line 6 spider 2 75-watt
It's a good practise amp and has hundred of sounds but i need something for gigging with (Playing Indie Rock/Regional Indie/New Wave)

I have seen 5 different combo/Head & Cabs:
1. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40W with a Fender Hot Rod enclosure 80W (£750)
2. Vox AC-50 CPH with a Hughes & Kettner SC-412 A 260W (£850) (open to ideas on a cab that is under £300)
3. Hiwatt High Gain 50 with Hayden 412 cab (£800)
4. Marshall Vintage Modern 50 with a Hayden 412 cab (£825)
5. Crate BV120HB with a Randall R-212 CX 160W (£750)

As you can see im not really wanting to spend over £850, as i dont have that much and i'm gonna buy some pedals etc

I'm open to any suggestions that anyone may have

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unless your gigging massive areanas i would suggest some smaller amps
The vox ac30 is a great 30 watt thatll be great for medium sized venues and youll be able to naturallly breakit up alot easier than all those 50 watts. also the Fender deluxe would be a good 40 watt. but you gotta remember that if you double the wattage doesnt mean you double the volume. it is really only a small change. when you double the wattage it just gives you a lot of head room and if you want any natural overdrive at all i would not suggest doing that
Do You need a 4x12? Man You can get a very nice 2X12 for cheaper and a nice head. Look into 2x12 (I got the Framus 2x12 with vintage 30's today, just an idea). And would still sound loud in small/medium arenas

Out of those heads I like the vox and the Hiwatt. The fender with a boost will sound amazing though
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Yikes, a 1x12 30 watt valve combo suffices for pretty much all gigging situations. Even a 15 watter would do it. (I dont even get my 30 watt 1x12 combo past half way whenever ive gigged with it, and when playing in my bedroom it doesnt usually get past 1 on the dial. Valves are LOUD.)

Out of your list id go with the hot rod, but its dirty tones arent fantastic, and with that budget you can do alot better.

Vox AC30

Vox AC15 handwired head + some sort of cab

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just, Vox.

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With regards to volume...
10x wattage = roughly double volume
Tubes = roughly 2 or 3 times louder than SS
(as a rule of thumb, that's apparently about right...)

So a 100W amp is twice the volume of a 10W one.
And a 100w tube is roughly 5 times louder than a 10w SS...
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