so i am tryin to find a good tube halfstack for metal, used for about 800.

i have come across a mesa rectifier 4x12 cab on cragislist for 500. and then i also have found a used b-52 at 100 head for 300. or a peavey valveking 100 head for 350.

Im going to try all of these out soon, but which do you guys think is best?
I dont like the valveking but thats just me. It has to be a halfstack? You could get nice combos and insanely loud at that price range
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I would look at the JCM-900s or the 2000s DSL. If you can find a cheap Dual Rec then go for that.

But then your with out a cab. I would buy a better head over a better cab, so if you can only afford a mediocre cab with a great head then do that.

But you can also avoid all that with gathering a combo amp. Which I assure will deliver the same volume (minus about 3 db) plus you'll thank your back, your car, and your band mates when you save room and all that stuff. All of the amps I talked about come in a combo form.
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6505 is good for metal. Cant comment on that cab. But again cant u get away with a 2x12 cab?
"Steven Seagal is like godzilla for barbies" -> Retard