Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I'm new to the site and i have some questions.

1) I've been playing for about 2 years but i never learned which pickup to use in songs. I don't know if you use the bridge at some parts and the neck at others so help would be appreciated.

2) I have a fender starcaster (one of those cheap ones that you can get from target) and it has 3 single-coils in it. I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade the trem and put in a humbucker in the bridge or to just get a new strat with a humbucker already in it.

3) In the same guitar mentioned above, the trem arm broke off so there is a piece stuck inside. Can someone tell me the name of the part on the guitar that the tremelo arm screws into so that i might be abbe to buy a new one?

Help would be appreciated
1. Do whatever you think sounds best
2. It would help the sound a lot, but in the end, I'd suggest looking for a used MIM Strat
3. Bridge. But good luck getting it out.
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Here's my take...

1. Typically, rhythm parts are neck or neck + bridge for me. Solos are a grab bag...any and all are used....
2. I'd buy a used guitar that is an upgrade, rather than trying to fix up a starcaster
3. The tremelo arm screws into a tremelo bridge. Not sure if there's a bolt or something that would have broken off in your case...
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1.- personal choice. Some people play leads on bridge because the bridge pup has usually more output and creates more harmonics because of its position, and use the neck for rythm. Some poeple do the oposite and play the rythm on bridge and use the neck for leads because it's more mellow.

2.- If you want a radical change in sound, get a new amp first. A peavey Vypyr 15 is what i reccomend

3.-the whammy thing happened to me too. its not worth to get it repaired. you need to get a new trem bock because the piece is stuck inside. if you repair it and us the whammy, your guitar will detune every time you even touch the bar.

EDIT: your username says vypyr. Judging by that, you probably have a decent amp now. If you want to get a new guitar, dont get it just for the pickups. Get something that plays nice, because that's what matter the most. I would personally reccomend getting an Agile, an Ibanez RG/SA/ART with fixed bridge, a Fender or ESP(LTD). They are bery versatile guitars. I would avoid getting something with a floyr rose, because at this point in your playing it should be more important to learn stuff than to make divebombs; and you wont even use the floyd as much as you think.

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