Hey everyone, few questions as I start my look for a new hollow body. I play classic rock, some modern rock and some blues and jazz thrown in there. Not that big into metal, but like to be able to get that sound if needed.

Right now I'm using a Vox Ac30 so I've been looking for a nice guitar to compliment its sound.

I've been looking at Gibson, mainly the Trini Lopez and the Dot reissues. Don't really see a difference between these two besides the obvious physical characteristics.

I've heard good things about some Ibanez's out there and Gretsch.

Is there anything else I should be looking at? Does the Trini warrant its price tag?
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I just picked up an Ibanez artcore AF75 blue sunburst + case for $225 off ebay, haven't had any time to play it though.
My Ibanez AF95 is a first-rate guitar for a great price. If you want a Paul Reed Smith, buy it fast! Their website says they are discontinuing most of their current lineup due to budget constraints.