no matter which way i turn the screws the open string WILL NOT go in tune with 12th fret what do i do
old strings won't work when trying to fix your intonation. you have to put new strings on then adjust it
Don't take shortcuts when setting the intonation. Get new strings. Also, what kind of bass is it? What kind of bridge does it have? Some basses (i.e., a lot of Ibanez basses) have bridges with a very short range of travel for the bridge saddles. It makes setting the intonation with standard bass strings almost impossible. If this applies to your bass, get a set of tapered end strings. They make setting the intonation much easier - even on short bridges - and they allow you to lower the action without touching the bridge saddle height.
Try using harmonic at 12th instead of open string... use new or fairly new strings and wipe them clean... make sure the action is set reasonably (not too low and not too high) and don't press down on the fretted note too hard.

Also, try to get them all more or less intonated at first without being perfect, then come back around and intonate each one better... remember to tune up after each screw turn. Good luck.
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Spector Legend 6 String
Standard Bridge

That's a rather short-travel bridge. Check out some taper core strings.
I'm having hard time as well with my Ibanez's E-string intonation. Not that it bothers me much, but anyways i can't seem to get it like it "should" be.