I weas just wondering if $500 (CAD) was a good price for this guitar (Ibanez RGR421 EXFM). The strap locks have been replaced with schallers, the switch has been replaced with a di marzio 3-way, and the stock pups are now EMG 60/81.

It's a fixed bridge guitar with a wizard II neck. This is a USED guitar, so I was wondering if it is indeed a good deal.

Thanks in advance and rock on
i paid under 400 for mine. (brand new)
but no emgs
or strap locks
not to mention it has the dbl locking trem
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$500 is a fair price. Of course, you should always try your best to get it for less. Try talking the guy down a bit, most people will budge if it means getting a sale.
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