I’ve seen some good friends die.

Living fast and dying for that high.

I’ve seen some forgotten lives.

Sold there souls to the pipe.

I’ve seen great men laid to rest.

There beating hearts replaced by hemp.

I fear for the future.

Smoking dope and sniffing glue.

Those blood shot eyes.

It just a phase, teens all go through.

Why should they listen to you?

Their parents did it too.

You’ll wish you paid attention in health class,

When the glue you sniffed, comes unglued.

I’ve seen great men take the fall,

They took answers from the magic eight-ball.

I’ve seen good friends become a joke.

Hung out with Mary and got served some coke.

I’ve heard that things will just fine,

Waiting in the cocaine line.

I can see the future,

Sniffing dope and smoking glue.

Theirs blood shot eyes.

It’s just a phase, you’re going through.

Who should they listen to?

My best friends do it too.

You’ll wish you watched those 50’s movies,

When the glue you smoked comes unglued.

Hey, mom, I’ve having trouble fitting in,

Cause I’m not shooting up with heroine.

I’m not part of “that” crowd.

I’m still not up with the downs.

I’m not like the other kids,

And I don’t do drugs, like you think.
dude, like man, i know, like, so where your coming from. i do liek.

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