I have these for sale

1. Variax- red - Includes original box and comes with the power supply as well
2. Epiphone Sheraton
3. Jackson surfcaster
4. Tokai Love rock

open to offers and trades
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Do you have pics of the Sheraton? And how much rae you looking for for it?

I second this, could we see pics please? Thanks
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Actually, depending on the country of origin of the loverock I'd trade my VC-30 for either of those except the variax, unless it's a higher-end variax.
After googling some pictures of the Surfcaster, I'm REALLY interested! What colour is it?
Hi open to trades yes, and pics will be on tonight.

I am after a phat cat p90 (or something like it) a strat neck, and a decent bridge humbucker.

I am open to pedals and other guitars as well.

cash wise - £400 for the 1993 epi sheraton
£300 for the surfcaster (which are not made now and pretty desirable and always in the guitar mags)
£480 for the Tokai
£250 for the variax

Willing to talk about prices and swaps etc
Hi, I think the surfcaster is worth a bit more than the zoom mate, but I am not against a trade with cash added
How much are the zooms used, I think I was after one awhile back and saw them at £120/130
Thanks I replied to the PM, and yes if you want it and are happy to pay a deposit I can hold it.
no spaces, if you did want sort a deal let me know asap ,as you were first in the q. otherwise rayjayz is keen you see
Oh and as for a trade for the Tokai, I have an Orange amp and I am not really in the need for another amp right now.