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Im getting an electric near christmas and I dont know anyone who plays who can show me the basics, do you think off youtube vids and hours and hours of practice you can get the hang of it????
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I like to think it's worked for me. I didn't even have youtube vids because I had dial-up when I first started playing.

EDIT: Oops, I mean, yeah. Impossible.
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Yeah you can. Buy some books too. Also, do you have a local music store that gives lessons? Or look in the paper, I would suggest the classifieds. Or you could ask around. Especially if you are in school
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hell yeah!! I'm living proof!!! 'cept i still suck

Its gonna take more than hours and hours though. More like years and years
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Guitar for Dummies to get started worked perfectly
Then just pick up on tabs =)

Edit: Preeeety dumb question bro haha
I was mostly self taught up until a couple of months ago (i did have a couple of lessons ages ago but it was all very basic) and it showed me just how much i didn't actually know after roughly 5 years of doing it myself and what techniques i need to work on.

So yes it is possible to teach yourself and you can develop your own style that way, but a guitar tutor certainly helps, if they are good that is.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
dude it is impossible to learn alone, you have to pay tom hess $1000 a month if want to get good.
learning yourself takes longer, obviously. but alot of people do it.
i taught myself... and after almost 3 years i think im doin decent. never had a lesson in my life. learned most songs by ear and tab...
just make sure u learn about key, and scales and chords... its killin me that i only know the basic major chords (a-g) and some of the minor chords and that i dont know a lot of scales... yadda yadda yadda... its up to u though. lessons wont hurt to jump start your playing. but its your call
For the first 4 years I was self taught, picking up some things along the way. I think I'm okay but that is not enough for me. I feel the need to be the best I can be so now I'm taking lessons and learning the theory that you really do need.

Also, pick up a music DVD by a guitar hero of yours. Very helpful.
My favorite is Mark Tremonti: The Sound & The Story.
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I learned guitar all by myself, no teacher no nothing, and, I ain't half bad for only playing for a little over year so far.

EDIT: Get a chord book too
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i'm self taught. i'm a techinically proficient bassist, but i know little theory. i'm getting lessons soon as i'd like to learn theory. also, playing with other people will also get you a lot better
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'tis possible friend, but first, you must find the magical axe of gibson, for without it, your self-teaching skills will lack subtlety, and you will crash and burn into a large pit of carnivorous plants.
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Marty Friedman is self taught. He says that learning things from others only limits yourself.. He's words are LAW.
Look up all of the lessons and basically everything else UG has to offer... including the tabs of course.
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Im self taught, ive played for a while now.
I would recommend lessons in the beginning though, Get proper technique and reduce the chances of getting "bad habbits"
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No, like it is humanly impossible to do things without the help of your mommy of friends. You should not even get a guitar.

Seriously though, get some books and look around on UG for lessons. Try and find a teacher in your area, they will help you learn the basics quicker than you learning alone. Also, remember to count and stay in time while you play guitar, if you don't, you will regret it later on.
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I taught myself how to play the piano, the guitar, a bit of bass guitar, and violin/viola/cello.

Er..not impossible.
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I started off with piano lessons, then when I decided to take up guitar, all the theory and stuff really helped me out. I also had a little kids beginners chord book. I started to figure out, on my own, what note every fret was, all the patterns across the fretboard (like how every 7th fret is the octave of the string above it, except the B string, which is the 8th fret... For example, 7th fret on A string is an E, but 8th fret on B string is a G). Then, to learn about different playing styles, different scales, how to build speed, etc. etc., I came to UG.

Not to have a big head or anything, I'm pretty good now. I could be better, don't get me wrong, I can't speed pick, or play very fast at all (although playing really fast doesn't really suit my taste), I could be a little better at songwriting, but hopefully I'll be able to pick those up later.
i taught myself acoustic with the help of a chord chart poster and tabs from UG. transitioned over to electric 2 years ago and everything turned out fine. i think it's possible
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i taught myself acoustic with the help of a chord chart poster and tabs from UG. transitioned over to electric 2 years ago and everything turned out fine. i think it's possible

I did the same thing but started about ten years ago. I've had to correct some bad habits i've picked up off the internet, here and there, so you have to be careful but most sites have great info, first and foremost this one.

UG and great advice from a lot of it's users on some of the other forums can be credited with my learning guitar and getting quite good at it too, imho.

Even Tom Hess, but especially Zguitarist (sp?). Go to lessons.
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Sadly this is Ultimate-guitar, not Simple-guitar. We can't help you.

Easily possible, I did it, you should be able to also

in a way its actually better teachin yourself than getting taught, because you learn the way you feel comfortable and youre not getting told how to play your guitar and bullcrap like that which is a major turnoff
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You'll be ok kid. As long as you're having fun with it nothing else matters.
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Sure it is.
Its easier and more fun to learn if you can find people who are better than you to jam with though.
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hell yeah!! I'm living proof!!! 'cept i still suck


Yeah it's possible. One thing to make you better is when you jam with other people. I got so much better when I did.


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I'm self taught. And I would definitely consider myself a good guitarist. It's possible. After I had been playing for a while I took some lessons to learn to finger pick like a mo-fo, but I was already a seasoned guitar player by that time.
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I've been teaching myself for a year. So far, I only know basic chords, I can't read music, I can only play simple songs (the hardest being songs like Critcal Acclaim by A7X, Master of Puppets (excluding the solo), etc.).

You will want to take guitar lessons, unless you want to be a peice of shit like me. I can't even bend four strings at once for over 5 seconds. And the only guitar I have is a no name classical, and I hate nylon strings and I suck at using them, so I suck even worse.

Again with the self-deprecation. I doubt you're even half as bad as you think you are.
dude seriously your on UG
go to the lessons section and find things for beginning guitarists

with the vast pages of free knowledge out there you can learn fast and easy
without taking years to do it yourself
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It's definitely possible, though it is faster with a teacher to guide you, or even someone you know who plays guitar. But that shouldn't stop you from learning by yourself!
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Google justin guitar. Best way for a beginner to learn. Bester way is to get a teacher. But for self-taught beginner, that site is great.

EDIT: Topdoginuk on youtube does some basic music theory if you wanted to start that as well TS
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