hey guys...

just thought i'd post a video from my show last week in Hollywood. Out of 11 songs, we only did 2 covers, we did Voodoo Child and Neil Young's "Hey Hey My My"

thought i'd share... it's kind of a weird club that we played in. there were about 60 people there, but there is a bleacher section along the side of the venue by the bar so everyone kind of hangs to the side. very strange lol.

i'm the singer/guitarist. i'm actually out in support of my solo album that is now out on iTunes. having fun with it!

if you wanna check my stuff out visit http://myspace.com/adamsmith145
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great job man, but the only thing i didnt like was the tempo. I feel like the vocals were too rushed, and for Voodoo Child, i think it should be a bit slower than how you played it. But other than that great cover! Ill be sure to check your album out.
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My cover of Manchester Orchestra's "I Can Feel Your Pain"