I have a 2 years old dog, typical happy dog.
My parents just found a lost Golden Retriever on an icecream shop, and brought it home. They left our phone number in the icecream shop so we can return it if the owner finds us.

Well, my dog is quite hysterical at the moment. She's smaller than the golden so she's not going to attack him, but she's extremely defensive right now.

Any past experiences and tips about making them live together and not kill each other are going to come handy. Thanks.

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Maybe it would be best to give the dog to a local pound or animal rescue shelter, whatever's available.

Take note that dogs can't comprehend their own sizes and compare to others, so your dog may attack. If she's not used to other dogs it's best to keep them separate, for example if your dog is an inside dog, keep the other one outside.

Make sure that you give your dog more attention than the stray. Let her know that she's still the boss.
i had a golden/lab mix and got a black lab puppy for my birthday, and when i first showed him the puppy he tried to kill it, so when i just slowly got them used to each other by putting the puppy in our fenced in pool area so they could see each other but not get hurt. Eventually i would sit by the golden with him in my lap, and then finally they could walk around together, and now are unseparable buddies.

Hope that helped

^ yes, that is why your dog is so defensive, the golden is in his territory.
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Thats what happened with my girlfriends rat, we introduced them and Chippie [the old one] bit Dookie's [the new one] toe off. They need time...
...In my opinion.
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i found a pit bull outside a donut shop a couple of days ago, and i fed it, and then took it to the pound.