So today I received from my dad the Crybaby bass wah pedal, and it blew me away with the sound and stuff and I want to know where I can put it in my effect chain so it can sound better. My effect chain consist of:

Laney RB9 Head - Boss DD7 delay - Digitech Chorus - Boss Bf3 flanger - Boss odb-3 distortion - Digitech Synth Wah - Sansamp Bass Driver DI - Basses

thx in advance
Bass > Wah > rest of rig
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usually it's

wah->any kind of filter->disortion->modluation->amp

if what you posted is you're current signal chain, I would switch the BSW and the sansamp position and then put the wah in front of the synth wah, this is just what I would do and is pretty much the standard, but you should experiment with different pedals in different places so get a sound and tone that you like
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usually it's

wah->any kind of filter->disortion->modluation->amp

this is true, but you should take the time to put the pedals in everywhich way you can think of, you can come up with some unexpectedly awsome sounds like this.

I actually have my wah at the end of my chain after a compressor, bass muff, and envelope filter with a bass chorus and phaser in the loop. I do this because I love the way the wah and the envelope react placed after the distortion instead of before it. fuzz+wah= angry bear noises and fuzz+envelope filter = angry ducky noises.
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I put it at the end so that it wah's everything instead of everything coloring the wah.
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