OTS. Inspired (as you can tell from the title) by EITS's The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place. I plan on doing one for every track but I'm unsure if I will make them related to each other. Severe editing might be done to this piece seeing that it is OTS
C4C as well

I haven't shaved for thirty seven and a half days.

I've been out of the hospital for thirty six days.
Minor scratches.
She never got to see past that hospital.
Last thing she probably saw was a blur
Of navy blue and the sheen of metal.
A bit more than minor scratches.

Minutes before the end,
There was what I thought would be the end
As we stood on the corner of
Lake and Thyne.
Between gulps
Of an ocean blue slush
You asked coyly,
"Do you think we are gonna make it?"
I looked at your oceanic lips,
Then at the flickering 7-11 sign
As I pondered the innocence and
the truth that hid behind the question.
"It's getting late, we should head back."

I took two steps away
But she headed the opposite way.

I see the razor
And wonder if it'll better adorn
My paste white wrist
Or my scruffed cheeks.

I yelled to her,
"What are you do-"
But I was cut off by a
Swerving herd of navy metal.
She never saw it coming,
I never thought I would see it coming.

I haven't shaved yet in my life,
For I was reborn today.
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Very great. I really liked it. I think the first part of the second stanza could be changed, but I'm not sure why.