hi, im someone whos mostly written riffs and progressions until now with just the occasional flukey melody coming to me and im pretty sick of it. i want to really get my band on its feet and to do that i need to get some *songs* instead of just ideas, the problem being that i cant for the life of me think of melodies. how is it that you guys think of a vocal harmony to your guitar chords or riff? cause (probably partly out of the fact that im not fully able to sing and play guitar at the same time beyond chords strumming and basic basic riffs) ive never managed to get anywhere :/

ps. sorry if this is in the wrong forum, seemed like the closest match.
No I think this is the right one...my melodies seem just to come either at random, or just playing the set of chords (start with the chorus) and kinda humming over them until something pops out. If it doesn't come at first, try again later. You can't force creativity. I'll also write after listening to a favorite band because that always seems to give me ideas. Try that!
hey, thanks. yeah the chorus chords have been what ive always managed to come up with a melody first for and it has basically been that same thing of humming along and working from there. i kinda figured thered be a more reliable way of coming up with melodies than inspiration but maybe not :p thanks anyway man
This should actually be in the Techniques sub-forum. Any time you're not sure if something should be posted somewhere just read the rules and it should clear things up. Thanks.