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So I was on wiki and was looking through Geddy Lee's page, and I noticed something. His birthday is the same as mine July, 29 Anyone else share a great bassists
Sept 16th, same as Tom Petty's bassist Ron Blair..haha one fo my favorite bassists too, kidna ironic.
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mines 24th and i got Jeff Beck from The Yardbirds which is pretty cool also got the keyboardist from Yes

so thats fun
I've got May 27th. Christopher Lee (Count Dooku and Saruman) and Wild Bill Hickok, but no bassists

EDIT: apparently my birthday is also International Zombie Day, not a bassist, but almost as cool
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Spector and Markbass
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Nobody on mine March 5th

David Gilmour (guitarist for Pink Floyd) was born on March 6th. Missed it by a day!

No one born on mine, either (29 October). Sadly, Duane Allman died on that day.
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I have: Prince Michael Jackson I, Hamish Glencross, Dave Padden (Annihilator), Feist, Robbie Williams, Sonia, Karoline Kruger, Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Henry Rollins, Peter Gabriel, King Floyd...

all that awesomeness, and all the bassists I get are Peter Hook, and

PETER BLOODY TORK from the blimmin' MONKEES.
i aint got no bassists born on the same day as me that makes me sad...
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I share mine with John Steinbeck, Elizabeth Taylor, Nancy Spungen, Johnny Van Zant, Derren Brown and Peter André.

No bass players

Louis Vitton and Spike Milligan died on my birthday...
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December 14th Cliff Burton.

And Cliff Williams from ACDC.
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no bassists according to wiki, but i have got the guitarist in porcupine tree and one of the slipknot guitarists.
5th september... Same birthday as Racer X:s bassist :P
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you can also add me to that list
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Matt Wachter (30 Seconds to Mars) 5th january
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PETER BLOODY TORK from the blimmin' MONKEES.

Don't feel bad Ben I have Bertrand Cantat, (musician) who was accused of killing his girlfriend, Andy Gibb (who died at 30 and was one of the most insipid pop stars of his generation) and Teena Marie (meh).

But on the upside, Penn Gillette, Dean Stockwell and Eddy Grant were born on my birthday so that's something...
June 17 - Barry Manilow

But Karl Mueller, the bassist from Soul Asylum, died on my birthday. So that's kind of cool.
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February 28th. No one.
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you can also add me to that list

Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry.

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Matt Wachter (30 Seconds to Mars) 5th january

Matt doesn't play for 30 Seconds to Mars any more. He plays for Angels and Airwaves.
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I've only got the guy from Mott The Hoople, Oh yeah, and THE GREGORIAN CALENDER!

January 1st ftw...
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I share a birthday (October 18) with Klaus Kinski (German Actor), Chuck Berry, Peter Boyle, Lee Harvey Oswald, Peter Tosh, Gary Richrath (guitarist from REO Speedwagon), and Wynton Marsalis

But I only share a birthday with 1 bassist: Dan Lilker of Anthrax, SOD and Nuclear Assault

Its also Alaska Day
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No bassists or guitarists that I can see for mine. Just that girl from N-Dubz
march 4th, so jason newstead and jack bruce for me

what is cooler though...

me, 4th march
anarkee, 5th march
giaco, 6th march

EDIT: also, chris squire and the bassist from volbeat.

and only bloody donny tourette
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Mot sure if there are any bassists other than me born on the 30th of March. But Eric Clapton was born on the 30th of march :>
Wow lots of March babies...

[edit]Charlie and Craig Reid, Scottish musicians (The Proclaimers) were born on the exact same day as me.
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march 4th, so jason newstead and jack bruce for me

what is cooler though...

me, 4th march
anarkee, 5th march
giaco, 6th march

Thats because March is the Bassy month
December 2nd - Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters), Rick Savage (Def Leppard), Chris Wostenholme

That's pretty not bad
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september bassists as far as i know, but i know i do share with guitarist miyavi and (rather unfortunately) amy winehouse ><

edit: just had another look and i do share with a bassist, namely paolo gregoletto from trivium
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sharing jack bauer's b-day is badass

Lol what about Stalin? he takes away the awesomeness...

I share my birthday with The Cars' bassist, whom I didn't know but is pretty cool because he, like myself, is a bassist-singer.
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