I got an opportunity to buy a mesa caliber .50 head for about $400. is this a good price? and also will this sound decent at bedroom levels cause i was reading in the manual that it has a master volume and is partly designed to sound good at any volume

Thanks in advance
Looks like a pretty good price.
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Actually, it does sound good at low volumes and treble/presence will draw out that aggressiveness at low volumes pretty alongside the gain. To inform you a bit better, it has a master volume for both channels, but for the lead you have to crank both the shared master knob plus the lead's master to obtain the amp's full potential. Although this may seem as something not too user friendly, I guarantee that you're obtaining one hell-of-an amplifier and the tone saturates more as you keep pushing the tubes further.
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they're great amps. Plenty of passable bedroom level tones to be had, But it's also more than big enough to play out.It's a good choice if your after american high gain on a budget, you may need an overdrive to push it a bit harder for more modern things though.
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