So i'm thinking about selling my grg170dx and getting something else as a spare guitar and something else

But i'm not sure

I like the LTD EC-256 (which is about 999AUD)

I like the Epiphone les paul custom (black / gold hardware) one

BUT i was wondering about something with a decent whammy bar system, the grg170dx goes out of tune as soon as you use it which is pointless

I was looking at a few ibanez but the ones for around $1000AUD all have EDGE 3s which i hear are terrible

What would be the better pick out of the LTD / Epiphone?

And what would be a guitar with a whammy bar system to check out for around 1000AUD? (500-600USD)
The edge III isn't too bad. People rip it very blindly off of the bandwagon. If you like an edge III fitted guitar and want a trem, get it.
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Ibanez S series if possible.

Yes this, Ibanez S320 can be usually had for under $1K nowadays and with Christmas approaching you might be able to score a S470/520 or similar model for even cheaper.
Might go check them out,

I still can't decide if i'd want the epiphone or the LTD,

What you guys think about those two?
If you want a good vibrato bridge that won't go out of tune, look at the LTD 400/401 models. They're as good as (if not better than) the Epi, Iw oudl argue far better than any Ibanez at the same price range, but most importantly the Floyd Rose Specials they use are made to the same specifications as OFRs, with the same hardened steel baseplates and knife edges. They do have just a crappy thin zinc sustain block, but that can be changed out fairly easily; other than that there's no way to fault them and so long as the guitar is set up properly, they'll stay in tune perfectly.
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Also what about a LTD MH-401?

I really like LTD most of their guitars i've picked up have felt... solid and well built