Well im watching Funniest Commercial of 2009 and its funny, but then it goes to a commercial break.

Something is wrong here. Im watch a program showing commercial and it still has commercial breaks in it. Oh well, the commercial with the dog pissing fire is worth it though.

Anyone watching it also? If so got any you thought were actually really funny?
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are you drunk??
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not hated
In the show your watching the ads are funny. When it goes to break then they play the stupid boring ones.
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are you drunk??
No im not. Although i feel as though i should be.
H UAE and usually, the end is the best ones. It's all a bunch if hilarious, sexy commercials. And they DO get reaalllyyyy funny. Especially the foreign commercials

Edit: Holy shit that was supposed to start with "Oh yeah"
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I'm watching.

Best one was the french one with the guy in the forest, in a series of events ends up in a wardrobe, and is explaining to the husband of the girl he was sleeping with.

Soooo funny!
I didn't really care for the winning commercial.

I think i liked the French one also the most too.