Okay so i picked this up the other day for real cheap....
Fender Bronco Reissue Tweed.
I really know nothing about it, sounds okay in the 5 mins ive played it.
Anyone know anything about them?
Cheers Guys.

reminds me of a blues junior. hnad!

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Haven't heard of 'em. Looks sweet, though. HNAD !

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Giddy-up. HNAD!
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There is a wiki page on it - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Bronco_Amp

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this isn't one of those fender fake tweed reissues right? it's got tubes? lots of tubes?
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Not to bash your NAD, but I've not heard particularly good things about the Bronco Reissue. I mean, for the price, they're not bad amps, and they look hella cool. Nice for a practice amp. I heard Fender just dropped the ball on it. Seems like I remember hearing about the old ones being really nice and hard to come by, but it's been awhile since I've read up on them.

I'd still be happy to have one regardless. Tweed is sexy. HNAD, dude.

^guy above me, no it doesn't have tubes. It's totally closed in the back, no way for tubes the ventilate. The thing would overheat like a crazy SOB.
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Quote by MBradley2011
reminds me of a blues junior. hnad!

yeah me too.

...but I never heard of the Fender Bronco Reissue Tweed though; oh and I love tweed

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Looks really good!

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I have it running through a Vox 4x12. Its a huge difference. Goes from a practice amp to a gig quality amp.
they have beat the amp used by Spinal Tap.

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It's not a real Bronco. The re-issues are decent little practice amps.

Original = 6v6 champ

reissue = frontman 15
says fender bronco, reissue or not.
fender bronco = fender bronco....
your equation is invalid.
hey ts, if you like it that is all that matters.

sure is sexy. someday if you want, gut it and put in a old bronco clone circuit.
yeh, sounds fine to me.
really dig the OD channel.
so purdy.
just bought a 2x12 for it too.
np buddy.
not one to be easily offended.
i know its SS, i have a tube amp aswell.
good to have variety in life..