Upon watching this video for the unth time (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfSjyhDeSKo&feature=related) Ive decided that I love the tone from 1:00 on. How can I replicate that sound with the equipment I have? I have an Ibanez Radius, Ibanez RG (HH) and Valveking 112, metal zone, rp150 and a weeping demon wah. I really want to pull this off. Thanks in advance guys.
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I hate to break it to you, but that isn't a guitar you are hearing. Michael Winslow has made a career in films and television by making weird, quasi-electronic noises, and that's what he is doing in that video. It's just him and his microphone. Heaven only knows exactly how he does it.
This guy is a legend, Police Academy movies, Space Balls, doing this sort of stand up. One of a kind, he's been doing this stuff for audiences since the 80's waaay before these wannabe beat box'ers were even a sperm.

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Winslow is indeed an absolute legend. Watch some of his (non-music) stand up, it gets truly mind-blowing. There's one bit he does spoofing a cheap kung-fu film with his speech out of time with his mouth.

That said, basically the sound he's imitating is Jimi Hendrix's live tone. To replicate it you'll want a Marshall halfstack roughly in the 100w range fully cranked, a good fuzz pedal, a decent octave pedal, a wah, a Strat and then you've got to spend most of your life perfecting your playing. It's really a very simple tone when you strip it down to it's technical requirements - a couple of basic pedals, a straight-forward rock amp and the most generic of all guitars - but it's next to impossible to actually achieve because so much of the sound comes from how you play. Just putting all the pedals on, turning your amp up and hitting the strings hard isn't going to get you Hendrix's tone. There's lots of subtle things, knowing when to pick with your fingers instead or at the same time as using your pick, the angle you pick at, when to play or not to play muted strings, etc.
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