Check it out, it's on my profile, called Fruity Loops Madness. Lemme know what you think.
I have to say I quite liked it, the beat was solid and the melody lines were quite 'in your face', but not in an annoying way. The one point of critique I'd like to add though is that the track starts really sudden, if you know what I mean, and although that's fitting for the 'in your face' theme, a bit of an intro might work nicely to build up to the 'Wham!' moment.

All in all, nice work mate, and definitely a lot more than I could get out of Fruity Loops when I had it.
Thanks dude! Yea I don't even know why we made this lol, just seemed cool at the time.
Can't say I'm a fan of the techno style, but it's a fun jam. I really dig the off-beat rhythm guitar (I think it's guitar?) and the solo is kick-ass. I'd be impressed if the drums were recorded live, but it doesn't sound like they are? Interesting beat though.

Your feedback would be much appreciated for my new song, The Green Machine.
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Yeah, it's a guitar effect found in fruity loops, same with the drums. i will check out your stuff now