Anyone else feeling it or finding jobs hard to come by?

Can't sleep and at relatives house bored.
The recession is over, you just don't have the qualifications to compete with the job market.
I guess to explain the purpose of starting this topic on a saturday in the middle of the night (where I live)
Ive been unemployed for 7 months as a commercial pilot, i work at a convience store cause the stupid recession means no one spends money to fly
Yeah I understand. Seems like every day someone I know is getting laid off, stuff sucks.
Petrol station/ convenience store dude. They are always hiring, because everyone who works there gets depressed and kills themselves frequently
...In my opinion.
Yes I resorted to getting a job in a call center like 20 miles from my house listening to idiots who call guitar center
I ended up working in a sex shop, it's funny when you find your friends' parents.
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Yeah, I lost my last job because of the club closing down.

There's blood in the water
Sinking, always sinking

I think we need a my life sucks bc of recession thread
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You sir are my God.

That game had the best synthesis system ever.

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I'm pretty sure you just won the thread. I can confirm everything you just said as well being a heavily qualified geek myself....

Congrats sir
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What was the point of that last sentence?

...modes and scales are still useless.

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