I'm looking to upgrade the pickups on my Strat early next year and wanted to get some opinions on what ones might work best for the tones I'm looking for. I play a bit of everything but I want my Strat to have a vintage tone. I'm thinking along the lines of Gilmour's Live in Pompeii sound.

The first configuration I considered was the Fender Custom Shop 69's in the neck and middle and a Seymour Duncan SSL-5L in the bridge. I've heard very good things about the CS69's which is why I'm considering them and the SSL-5 just seems like the perfect pickup for the sound I'm looking for. All together this would cost over $200 which I can do but I'd really rather not spend quite that much as I also plan on changing out the tremolo and tuners around the same time and unfortunately seeing as this is a lefty that is not going to be cheap.

So I was reading around and came across another set of pickups that might be more cost effective. That being said I also know that often times you get what you pay for so I wanted to see if anyone else here has any experience with these pups. They're the Tonerider TRS1LH Pure Vintage set. Here's the marketing blurb on them...

Great for Left Handed Players or Righties looking for the voodoo magnet stagger!

Perfect for rhythm parts and rich, clear leads. Designed for players who don't need more output, but seek the sought-after "vintage" strat sound. The perfect choice for Knopfler, Clapton or Gilmour tones. Uses a mix of Alnico V and Alnico III magnets.

Tone Guide: Classic vintage strat tones, great clarity and a less harsh, full-sounding bridge pickup.

DC Resistance: 5.75k neck, 6.1k mid, 6.4k bridge

The "Floydy Sounds" audio clip on their web site sounds good so they seem like they would be adequate for what I want. $100 less would be really nice too.

So should I stick with my original plan or give the Tonerider pups a shot?
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