hey guys i need help with this.

i heard i have to use a direct box to use a computer on stage to go to mixing board.

like i know one venue i played at had a mixing board in behind the crowd.

so what would you guys suggest to use to connect my computer to the mixing board if its across the room.

ps im using the computer for back tracks like strings and horns.
Direct box is a good idea. It grounds your computer signal, and sends a balanced signal to the mixing board (via XLR cables).

Computers are really noisy equipment, in my experience. I once took a computer out to the mixing board with a 25' 1/8"-to-1/8" cable and a 25' extension connected to it. Bad idea. The sound kept cutting off. And when the sound passed through, it sounded really bad. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a cable problem.
ya. i was just going to use it for my synth set up since a lot of my synths and stuff is from logic pro. just making sure i dont experience a BAD GIG. even tho there will be the bad gig but hopefully just little things
I would sugguest a DI box (1/8th inch out from computer headphone speaker jack to 1/4 inch in to the DI box. The DI box will be plugged into the snake with all the other mic cables that goes back to the board by way of another mic cable, aka XLR) for something like that.

Keyboards and bass amps are usually not miked, but are sent to the board in the same way.

That said..... I'm pretty handy with computers and stuff, but even I would be wary of trusting a computer to perform at a gig. There are just still SO many things that can go wrong.

We were working on a song that had an industrial kind of synth part happening. Rather than keeping it on the computer and trusting it to run flawlessly within the software, we dumped it to an mp3 with the track on the right side and a click to the left. Put it on an ipod, and split it so the left side goes to the drummer's headphones and the right goes to a DI box and to the board. The drummer presses play on the iPod and away you go. Cheap, easy, reliable, and nearly idiot-proof.


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