Hey all,

I recently bought the Pulse DVD and I was watching the One Of These Days track.


Anyways, can anyone tell me how Guy Pratt is playing the main Bass riff? it looks like he's kind of strumming the strings with some delay, i've tried experimenting, but I just can't quite get it right.

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he's slappin da bass
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I know that on the record there are two basses, one being played by Waters the other by Gilmour. Can't help you with the video though.
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In the opening, he is slapping with a relaxed hand. Later he is using a pick and playing alternate picking, which looks like he's strumming the strings. There is definitely some delay on his bass, too.
Hes strumming that bit with a pick and defiantly hitting most of the strings.
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Get a delay going with a long decay. Then just match the tempo with your playing (tap tempo comes in handy).