Poll: Who Is Your favorite guitarist
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Kurt Cobain
8 19%
Kirk Hamett
5 12%
James Hetfield
11 26%
Kerry King
2 5%
John Petrucci
20 48%
Mick Thompson
1 2%
Voters: 42.
Kurt Cobain
Kirk Hamett
James Hetfield
John Petrucci
Kerry King
Mick Thompson
Or others
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Since when are guitarists that play teh br00talz the only ones that can be 'the best'?

David Gilmour. I like his tone.

EDIT: Okay, Kurt Cobain didn't play metal. But still, he wasn't that good a guitarist. Great songwriter though.
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I have to say, not the best selection Dusky.

But out of those I'm going with James Hetfield because he is a super tight rhythm player and creative riff/song writer.
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Paul Gilbert. That, or John Petrucci.
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Also, Charmander.
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Out of those, James Hetfield.

btw, it's Kirk Hammett.
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whose the idiot that made the poll. you gotta at least specify the genre of the guitarist. like said gilmour aint bad. but to put hetfield and exclude hammett is just madness. but if it were in between these guys i say petrucci hands down.
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why aren't any of the kickass japanese guitarists in this poll. anybody ever heard of them anyway? Miyavi or Toshihiko Takamizawa? I'd say Petrucci. Kurt Cobain is not so great at all.
After giving it some thought, I have decided that I don't have a favourite guitarist at the moment.

But if i had to choose one off that list, it would probably be Petrucci

Edit: Actually Paul Masvidal from Cynic is probably someone of interest to me at the moment.

/my input
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poll fail
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Out of those I like Cobain better, even if he isn't that technical but he sure is a great songwriter and that comes into play a lot while being a guitarists. It doesn't matter how skilled you are if you can't do a good song with it. Besides playing fast it's not being a better guitarists.

My favourite guitarist is Jimi Hendrix, and the one who follows him is John Frusciante.