i think i've found true loneliness

the loneliness countless poets, artists
and confused souls have been living out
day after day.
that special kind of loneliness where a man realises
that the person looking back in the mirror
is somehow someone he no longer knows.

words are only words
until they're dried up ink on paper,
and i've decided to let anger take her
and all she once held.
i'll stand aside and bow my head to the inevitable
that the bastard in the mirror has been faking that smile
for too damn long.
I think most of this is pretty good. I think line 4 in the second stanza could be better. The last stanza was a great ending, especially the last three lines.

EDIT- agreed with user below.
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Second stanza was pretty decent. First stanza, particularly the last three lines, was far too cliche.